Webinar - Taming The Transition: Using lifestyle behaviors to ease common symptoms and reduce weight gain during the menopause transition

Join Stronger U Coaches Dr.Jessica Bachman, Karen Blankenship (a self-proclaimed woman of a certain age :)) and Tony Acevedo (aka Mr.Menopause) for a free webinar covering evidence-based practical advice to feel your best during the menopause transition on Friday, December 18th at 12pm EST. 

During this webinar, the team will cover the following;

  • Overview of menopause - what it is, commonly experienced symptoms
  • How diet, exercise, and lifestyle behaviors can impact common symptoms
  • Practical advice for managing weight changes during the menopausal transition
  • Case studies about what has worked for our members

After filling out the form on this page you will be enrolled in the webinar. You will receive a link to join the webinar and the option to add a reminder to your calendar directly from Zoom.