Stronger U coaches are the heroes that guide our members on the journey to complete food freedom.  If you're a nutrition professional with a passion for helping people transform their lives, we would love to chat with you about joining the best team on the planet. 

Nutrition Coach Job Description
Offer practical, realistic nutrition advice to members that will help them reach their health and fitness goals.
  • High level of nutrition and fitness knowledge
  • Major nutrition/fitness certification – i.e. NASM, Precision Nutrition, higher education degree
  • Obsessed with customer service
  • No/limited restrictions during “normal” day/night hours that would limit the ability to respond to clients within a timely manner (~1-2 hours)
  • Professional and personable, friendly demeanor
  • Strong communication skills
  • Highly organized with excellent time management skills
  • Technologically savvy and competent with Gmail, Google docs, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Facebook, and My Fitness Pal
Stronger U nutrition coaches are responsible for remotely servicing a book of members looking to improve quality of life through specific body composition and/or performance goals. New members provide specific personal information that a coach will use to prescribe weekly macronutrient plans to help achieve member goals. Our service model is that Stronger U coaches are reachable at “virtually any time”. We allow members unlimited access to coaches so they can receive support and guidance in real-time as they need it. Due to this, we are looking for people that have the drive to provide unmatched customer service.
Coaches are expected to work with members to develop realistic timelines for achieving and safely reaching outlined goals. Conduct one on one nutrition counseling to members. Modalities of coach-to-client interaction vary due to member preference. These modalities include, but are not limited to text messages, e-mail, Facebook instant messaging, phone and video conferences.
Educate members on the importance of macronutrient tracking via food tracking services like My Fitness Pal and provide tactics on how to create lifelong healthy eating habits.
Build rapport with every client to learn what makes them “tick” and discover how to best work with them based on their individual coaching style preference.
Maintain high visibility in the Stronger U Member Community Facebook group and be accessible to answer member questions, provide feedback, offer advice, and educate where necessary.
Participate in coach group discussions and remain active in a private Facebook Workplace group.
Stay current on nutrition and health industry trends, products, and services to ensure members are getting the most current and correct advice.
Work Environment:
This is a remote position and therefore all candidates based in the United States will be considered regardless of physical location. However, we are looking for candidates that have the time availability required to answer clients within Stronger U’s recommended time frame of under 2 hours during normal waking hours.
Must have operational computer, cell phone, and the ability to video conference.

About Stronger U

Stronger U is a fast-growing nutrition consulting company looking for people with a true passion for fitness and nutrition, get joy from contributing to peoples’ health and performance successes, and are obsessed with providing unmatched customer service – if this describes you, we have a rewarding opportunity as a Stronger U nutrition coach. Become a member of our dedicated team of like-minded coaches that strives to provide Stronger U members with nutrition advice and customer service that exceeds expectations.

Stronger U was founded with the sole focus of helping people improve. We took notice of the extreme efforts people were putting into reaching their goals, often without seeing the results they wanted and knew there had to be a better way. Taking note of how frustrated people would become, the Stronger U program was created for those in need of a refreshing approach to nutrition. We researched reasons most diets failed and did the opposite. In doing so, we are able to provide people with a “dieting” experience unlike anything they’d ever done before. Our methods are realistic, educational, measurable, and community driven.

Our nutritional approach is based on the idea of complete food freedom. We believe in boundaries, not restrictions, so there are no foods that are off limits and there is no food guilt at all; we call this “Structured Flexibility”. Our plans are individualized based on specific client body composition and/or performance goals and can be followed regardless of food preference or dietary restrictions. We never take the cookie-cutter approach and realize no two people are the same, so no two programs will ever be the same. The Stronger U community stretches around the globe and is composed of people of all ages and everyone from people who don’t exercise to professional athletes. Our community is a collection of people who are here for a common goal and it’s a goal we're extremely passionate about. To improve quality of life.

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